“I am *not* a karate student, but my husband and my 4-yr-old son are! They both love the classes, and master Henry is extremely knowledgeable. My son is gaining so much confidence, and balance (physical and emotional), and it’s so much more than just leaning about a martial art. Master Henry talks about safety issues with them, and how to deal with other kids at school, and respect for all people. It’s the perfect sport for young kids, especially with a teacher as motivating and fun as he is. When I watch the older kids that he works with there, I am struck by their very mature demeanor, and their high level of respect that they’ve leaned over years of taking Master Henry’s classes. It’s very impressive.

I *am* a kickboxing fitness student. I can’t even begin to say how addicted I am to these classes. I started up as a total beginner at the end of January, and I feel like I’ve gained so much skill in a pretty short time, and my fitness has improved by leaps and bounds doing this class 3-4 times a week. It feels amazing, and Master Henry is such a great motivator – I go all-out every single time. I also love the other ladies I’ve met who are also regulars!

I would tell anyone to give this a try. Who knew it would be so much fun to hit and kick stuff?! In all seriousness, I am so happy with the class and as a bonus, I’ve gained great self-defense skills.

I knew it would be a great workout, but I ended up loving it way more than I even thought I would. I think I’ll be doing this for years to come.

Thanks, Master Henry!!”

– Dana Boadway Masson

“My son LOVES it, Master Henry is great and the students are well behaved, disciplined and helpful to one another. We are grateful to have found Henry Agri Kempo Karate!”

– Liv Jackson

“I visited the school and found it to be a welcoming comfortable school. Sensei Agri is knowledgeable and a good instructor. He is passionate and compassionate! I look forward to visiting again.”

– Kenneth Perry

“It has been many years since my son was a student there but we still have great memories and I credit Master Henry with having a HUGE influence on who my son is today. One of the best decisions we ever made was having my son take Karate here.”

– Irene Houle

“Master Henry’s school has a firm grasp on Traditional Ed Parker Kenpo Karate. His instructors have the energy, competency, and patience to work with kids and adults learning. He goes the extra mile to help you develop your character as well your technique. I love this place. Economical as well as practical, it truly is a huge bang for your buck, pun not intended.”

Xavier Orozco

“I was (and forever will be in spirit) a student with Master Henry for many years, taking both group classes and private lessons, and later teaching many classes! MH is extremely knowledgable and passionate about the art. He also loves kids and knows how to tailor the art to fit both the youngest and oldest of student. I honestly believe enrolling yourself or your child in classes is the best decision you can make!”

– Alyce Norcross

“Master Henry is not only extremely knowledgable when it comes to being a practitioner and educator in the world of Kenpo Karate but he is also a caring man thay cares more about the lessons and virtues his students take with them when they leave his studio rather than what he can take and charge the students coming in. I have studied various forms of martial arts and self defense all over the country and Master Henry’s studio is the most welcoming and educated studio I have ever been a part of. Thank you Master Henry for everything you do for us!”

– Behzad Bear

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